Rock Pool Fish ID guide

There are many different types of beautiful fish that can be found in UK rock pools. This guide goes through some of the most common species you might find.

The edible crab

The edible crab (Cancer pagurus) is a common large crab found in small holes and under rocks in most UK rockpools.

The Rock Pool Shrimp

A common translucent shrimp (Palaemon elegans) found in rocky shore rock pools along the UK coast, mainly in the south.


Wrack are a family of seaweeds that are found on most UK coasts on both sheltered and exposed rocky shores.

Beadlet Anemone

The beadlet anemone (Actinia equina) are red anemones found on rocky shores all over UK coastlines.

Gylly Beach

Gyllyngvase beach is a popular beach in Falmouth and is perfect for families with three different rock pool sites to choose from.

The Painted Topshell

The Painted topshell (Calliostoma zizyphinum) is a sea snail found on rocky shores with a very colourful conical shell.

The Cushion star

The Cushion star (Asterina gibbosa) is a little, well camouflaged starfish that is commonly found in rockpools on many of the UK coasts.