#BigSummerRockPool 2018

In the summer of 2018, many people took part in the #BigSummerRockPool – a social media campaign aimed to get as many people out on the rocks as possible, identifying the diverse number of species they had found, and experiencing the enjoyment that comes with rock pooling!

We came to a beach near you

The Rock Pool Project team visited many beaches on both the north and south coast of Cornwall, teaching fellow beach-lovers about the diversity of life found on our coasts with the aid of our beautiful mobile rock pool.

What did you find?

With the help of tourists, locals, and our own volunteers, we found some awesome species of fish, crabs, sea snails, anemones, star fish, and many other marine life groups.

Each week, we announced a theme for people following the campaign to base their rock pooling searches on and send in their best pictures to us via social media. It was amazing to see how many took part and the beautiful creatures they had found! We have compiled a gallery of all the fantastic images we received.

castle beach in the sunshine

Perfect Rock Pooling Weather

The incredible weather that came with this exciting summer made it even more magical, with Cornwall looking like somewhere in the med!

A big thank you

Thank you to all who have supported us, we couldn’t have asked for a better summer with The Rock Pool Project! Here’s to summer 2019!