Birthdays on the beach!

Children at a birthday party on the beach rock pooling in Falmouth


Birthdays are a special time for creating treasured childhood memories and enjoying the innocence of being young. The Rock Pool Project had the honour this year of giving Jack and Mabel a special beach birthday party, combining the joy of expert-led rock pooling with the undeniable fun and laughter of ultimate beach games!

It was a beautiful sunny day, with the gentle sound of waves crashing against the shore, Jack and Mabel’s party was in full swing. The picturesque location of Falmouth beach served as the perfect backdrop for the day’s adventures. Children and their families gathered, eager to embark on a journey of discovery, surrounded by friends, laughter, and the magic of the sea.

Children at a birthday party on the beach rock pooling in Falmouth
Star Ascidian

Sun, Fun and Crabs by the Tonne 

Led by our expert guides, the partygoers were introduced to the enchanting world of rockpools. Armed with cameras, buckets and their Bioblitz battle boards, they set off for an afternoon of exploration and discovery. It wasn’t long before they were holding starfish, gasping at crabs and pointing out every anemone they passed.

It’s days like these that we live for. There is nothing more inspiring than watching a child build up the courage to hold their first crab, or as soul-lifting than seeing them join hands to help each other clamber over the seemingly-treacherous rocks. It’s amazing to see how quickly a group of youngsters can become invested in an ecosystem. In it’s life and in how to protect it. They soon become our guides when out exploring, showing us what fascinates them and challenging us with wonderfully inquisitive questions about all that they see.

Smiles All Round

As the children enjoyed the day, parents sat back with nothing to do but soak up the sun, have a chatter or even join in the search for wildlife. Some of the adults are first in line when it comes to our rock pool safaris, desperate to be the first to find a starfish or the last to leave the rocks.

It wasn’t just the pools that the kids loved about this birthday, the beach games on the sand added an extra layer of excitement to the fun-filled day. Laughter filled the air as they chased down bean bags, dodged each others tackles and dived into their hula hoops, all letting loose and reveling in the joy of friendship. 

Children on the beach having fun at a birthday party in Falmouth

A Birthday to Remember

Jack and Mabel’s birthday party was a true celebration of nature, friendship and education. The passion of our guides combined with the children’s infectious curiosity resulted in an unforgettable day of rockpooling adventures and beach games. As the winning team from the Bioblitz battle were announced the memories made on this magical occasion were solidified and all that was left was presents and cake! The twins loved their new “Ocean Explorer” and “Rock Pool Ranger” badges and marine creatures puzzle books, both grateful for the exciting day they’d been given in a beautiful location surrounded by all of their friends. 

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