Blue Recovery Beach Day 2 – Falmouth

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Blue Recovery Gains Momentum

It seems as though people’s fascination with rock pooling is growing among the people of Falmouth.

Last Saturday an enthusiastic group of rock poolers met up at the Princess Pavilion and we headed to Castle beach to see what could be found in and under the rocky shoreline.

I was on photography duty during this time, so went between all the groups to capture those ‘first find’ moments of amazing rock pool creatures – including crabs, sea anenomes, limpets and so much more.

Although it was a bit breezy we enjoyed exploring the rock pools, played rock pool bingo and took part in a bioblitz survey with our expert leaders.



All that fresh air and rock pool exploring had built up an appetite so we all headed back to the Pavillion and enjoyed some Cornish pasties and warm drinks – all included in the day out incidentally.

As part of the day everyone took an ‘environmental awareness survey’ which sparked up interesting discussions about important issues concerning coastline and conservation. 

Following that the team leader, Dr Ben Holt, gathered everyone around the table to look at the fascinating sea creatures we had discovered down at the beach.

We all learned something new on Saturday and for me, seeing the wonder on the children’s faces was the best part.

All in all, this beach day has set the bar for our next events to follow – we can’t wait!

PS – all the marine life were returned back to their natural habitat.

Images from the day:

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