Blue Recovery Beach Day 1 – Falmouth


A Great Start For Blue Recovery!

Rock pools are undiscovered wonders to explore on our local beaches!

If, like me, you have ever looked into a colourful rock pool and wondered about all the small animals and plants that live in its green shadows, then a Blue Recovery Beach Day is for you!

Blue Recovery’s first Rock Pool Beach Day got off to a great start this Month at Tunnel Beach here in Falmouth. Despite the clouds, an enthusiastic group of us met to see what wonders there were to find in the rock pools.

We met at the Princess Pavilion (who sell delicious cakes – check them out here) and had a quick safety briefing by the Team Leader Ben Holt so that everyone was well informed. After that, we set off!  This session was mostly for adults but future sessions will include more child orientated activities – puzzles, games, art activities etc.

Now I am no expert but I do love rock pools – who doesn’t – and even though I knew little about what goes on in these fascinating sea environments, I quickly realised that the team knew a lot and would be able to explain and talk about everything I could discover and find.

On the beach!

Briefing over we were given a camera and instruction on how to best use them. We then split into pairs to go on a ‘bioblitz’ – a Rock Pool Project classic where you go and discover any wildlife you can find. There is method and purpose to discovery and identifying things.  

What I came away with – lots of amazing pictures and the realisation that there is so much diverse life in a tiny pool by the sea! A world of creatures and life I never knew existed.

Tea, cake and a chat!

Back at the Princess Pavilion we uploaded our pictures, shared what we had seen and enjoyed some delicious free cake and tea.

Overall, it was a day full of interest, discovery, meeting new people.

Images from the day:

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