A large adult Taurulus bubalis resting on the bottom of a shallow rock pool. Sea Scorpion, Granny Fish, Bullhead, Lesser Bullhead, Clobberfish, Sculpin, Long-horned Sea Sculpin, Lucky Proach, ‘Terror of the Rockpools’.

What is Citizen Science?

Citizen Science

Citizen scientists are volunteers who collect biodiversity data on marine life from conducting our surveys

Discover wildlife, connect with nature and join a fast growing community.

If you’re looking to delve deeper into your natural heritage, our citizen science surveys are the perfect option.

Choose from one of our three surveys, get to one of our survey sites local to you, and start finding wildlife!

New To Rock Pooling?

Never done much rock pooling before? No problem! 

We have put together a guide page to get you started before you try a citizen science survey.

Get involved with one of our surveys!

Velvet Swimming Crab

Our mission is to bring people together, connect with our nature and collect data on biodiversity.

We have three survey options that can suit people of all abilities:

  • BioBlitz 
  • Mini-Biodiveristy Survey
  • Crustacean Survey
Learn more here.

With Over 70 Survey Sites!

We have loads of survey sites available across Cornwall, Devon and beyond. Click here to view our sites and find one near you. We can even set up a new site just for you!


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