Biodiversity Surveys

Our biodiversity surveys are designed to be fun, to develop your species identification skills and to provide data that can show how our coastal biodiversity changes from place to place, and how it might change in the future.

To take part, please register with the Rock Pool Project and make sure your tick that you are interested in ‘Citizen Science Projects’.

Rock Pool Wildlife

What does a biodiversity survey involve?

During one of our biodiversity surveys you will search for a particular group of species, for a set amount of time and within a designated area. We have over 70 survey areas designated in the South West and beyond, and we are adding more all the time.


A typical Rock Pool Project survey site
A broad-clawed porcelain crab - found on one of our mini-biodiversity surveys

Mini Biodiversity Surveys

Have a go at some rock pooling citizen science!

If you are new to rock pooling, then the huge diversity of species can seem a bit overwhelming. These mini-biodiversity surveys are designed to be simple and fun, and are focused on small groups of easy to identify species. They are suitable for adults and children aged nine and up, although many younger children have enjoyed doing these surveys with no problems.

Full easy-to-use instructions are available here and we also have downloadable guides available to help you find and identify the species. You will need to sign up to our project to take part.

Crustcean Biodiversity Surveys

Join our citizen science community

We are always looking to grow our community of marine citizen scientists. Each month our volunteers conduct Crustacean Biodiversity surveys at their local beach.

These surveys are 45 minute timed searches for all things crustacean such as crabs, barnacles, prawns, isopods and amphipods! They are both challenging and fun, and you don’t need to be an expert to get started. Full details on the survey method can be found here.

To get involved sign up via our online membership form and make sure that you indicate that you are interested in our citizen science projects. We will be in contact to let you know how you can join in with the next monthly biodiversity survey event.

One of our amazing citizen scientists

New Moon - Monthly Survey Events

We coordinate our survey events to coincide with the best tides and allow us to find the most marine wildlife. You can conduct your biodiversity survey on any day within these periods.

Next Survey period:

16th to 24th January 2022