Mount Batten Beach

Lawrence Road Mount Batten, Plymouth, PL9 9SJ

Plymouth, England, GB, PL9 9SJ

A day of fun, discovery & community awaits! Celebrate the sea & see what climate change means for our shores & the animals living there!

Join us for a captivating day-long adventure that celebrates the wonders of our coastal environment!

Event Description:

We are The Rock Pool Project – Plymouth, a team of community-minded rock poolers, scientists and nature lovers! Come join us and our partner hub in Falmouth to explore the shore and learn how climate change impacts our local shores and wildlife!

With the help of the National Lottery Heritage Fund, our Blue Recovery Project has created a space for new and experienced rock poolers to check out the amazing life around Plymouth Sound!

We are joining forces with the Marine Biological Association and the Mount Batten Centre for an incredible day-long event that will truly celebrate the sea!

We have invited experts and artists to hold workshops and give talks for a hands-on experience fit for all!

We invite you to help in our ongoing citizen science work by participating in a Bioblitz. Through our Bioblitzes (quick surveys of rocky shore wildlife), we help scientists collect data to understand how rocky shore biodiversity is changing along our coastlines.

Event Highlights:

1. Hands-on activities and workshops

We’re inviting various community-minded organisations and sea-loving folk to help us get you out and active by the sea! On the beach, our interactive stalls will feature a wide array of beach and marine animal-related activities, including:

The Rock Pool Project’s Mobile Rock Pool

Sea Cyanotype Printing

Crafting for kids

And much more

2. BioBlitz Survey:

Ever wonder what it takes to be a marine biologist? Get your feet wet and join our team of experienced rock poolers in conducting a BioBlitz survey! A BioBlitz is a quick survey of the life found in an area. We will focus on the rock pools of Mount Batten. By helping out, you can help us gather information about marine life and assist scientists worldwide in understanding how climate change is changing the seashore!

3. Expert talks

We have contacted some incredible scientists working on understanding how climate change impacts the sea. Come hear what they have to say about and learn about local sea life!

Scheduled Talks:

Nova Mieszkowska was appointed as Senior Lecturer at the University of Liverpool in 2015 and has a joint appointment with the Marine Biological Association (MBA). She focuses on species and ecosystem-level responses to environmental change. She is the principal investigator for the Marine Biodiversity & Climate Change Project (MarClim), the world’s most extensive record of rockpool species.

Ari Drummond is a PhD candidate at the University of Plymouth. She studies crustaceans, focusing on intertidal hermit crabs. Her recent research examines how climate change impacts our local hermit crab populations.

Professor John Spicer is a marine zoologist at the University of Plymouth and helped write the book on Biodiversity. With expertise in understanding the role of the environment on animal physiology, John seeks to understand the innermost workings of marine organisms to understand how they work, evolve in the wild, and how adapt to climate change. An eminent scientist renowned for his expertise in ocean acidification and hypoxia, he has contributed a substantial wealth of knowledge to the field over three decades, resulting in over 180 research papers, multiple academic books, writing for popular culture, and advising national and international policymakers.

4. Family-Friendly Activities:

Bring the whole family and participate in family-friendly activities, including beach cleanups, seashell crafts, and marine-themed games. Encourage the next generation of environmental stewards to appreciate and protect our coastlines.

5. Student Research Showcase:

Local university students will showcase some of their research! These are the scientists of the future. Please help us celebrate all the hard work they are doing as they find potential solutions for the challenging future facing our shores.

So come to the shore and connect with nature, contribute to meaningful science, and celebrate the beauty and resilience of our coastal communities.

Together, we can make a difference for our shores and the life they sustain. Join us in this unforgettable coastal adventure!