Falmouth Summer Marine Discovery

Funded by Cornwall Council’s Wellbeing and Public Health’s Filling the Holiday Gap scheme.

In the summer of 2019, we ran a free marine biology programme for families in parts of Falmouth. We visited a new site every week and our families conducted biodiversity surveys to find out how our local marine wildlife changes across these sites.


Families with children of all ages took part and joined our staff and volunteers at six fantastic events.

We made 190 records of marine species

A total of 49 different species were found across all the sites

Some species were found a lot, such as:

beadlet anemone - found in 14 out of 23 surveys
Montagu's crab - found in 15 out of 23 surveys
shore crab - found in 12 out of 23 surveys

And many species were only found once, such as:

spiny seastar
sea mat
honeycomb reef worm

We found big differences in the diversity of the wildlife at the sites with Pendower beach standing out in terms of the number of species discovered.

biodiversity (numbers of species surveyed) at each of our survey sites

And at every event families were provided with a healthy meal from either Kessel’s Kitchen or the Castle Beach café.