Kids Rock Pool Art & Literature Competition!

February Launch


An inspiration:

At the end of last year, we received this wonderful poem from Billy and it has inspired us to launch a monthly rock pool art and literature competition for kids! To say thanks to Billy, we have sent him a free Rock Pool Project t shirt! We will now be awarding a t shirt every month for our favourite rock pool art! Click the link below to find out more about this competition.

Billy’s poem:

There is a fish that lives in the sea, who hasn’t got legs like me. They like to hide, beyond the tide and they’re beautiful don’t you agree. He is the alien of the sea, because he isn’t the creature you’d expect him to be. He can live in any habitat, even at 9,000 metres deep and can turn his stomach inside out to make room for his tea. He has eyes in his legs and eats with its bum. Then pulls off a leg and grows a new one. He is my favourite animal, but can you guess which one?” – Billy aged 7


Kid's Rock Pool Art & Literature Competition

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