Dive in to the Rock Pool Project!

We offer a variety of different rock pooling activities to suit many different requirements.

Private Expert-led Safaris

A fun, educational and active day out for people of all ages at one of the world’s best rock pooling spots: Castle Beach in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Virtual Rock Pooling

You don’t need to head to the beach to experience the excitement of discovering marine wildlife! We are delighted to offer highly interactive, online rock pooling sessions to schools across the world.

Online Courses

Learn about the magic of Cornish rock pools from the comfort of your home.
There is excellent evidence for the health and wellbeing benefits of being by the sea, and no better way to immerse yourself in our beautiful marine environment than by going rock pooling!

Mobile Rock Pool

The Mobile Rock Pool is a unique activity provided by the Rock Pool Project that brings our coastal wildlife to those who may have difficulty accessing it.

Schools and larger groups

Mesmerising activities, all skilfully linked to the national curriculum. Should your school want to explore and learn about rock pool wildlife, we will take care of everything for an expert-led beach visit unlike any other. Or, with our innovative mobile rock pool, we can bring the magical habitat to your school with hands-on.