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We are a not-for-profit community interest company, passionate about connecting people of all ages and backgrounds to the incredible wildlife found around our coastline. Find out more about all that we do here:

Rock Pooling Guide

Take a glimpse into the mysterious world of marine creatures revealed by the receding tide. Rock pooling is an exciting, accessible and easy activity for all ages. Take a look at the video below, our recent collaboration with the Marine Conservation Society, and discover how, when and where you should go rock pooling. Read our guide below for hints and tips to help you find even the most elusive creatures!


All blogs are written by our team members. They cover a broad range of topics, including; species-in-focus which look at a particular species biology, ecology and identifying characteristics, identification in focus that assist with telling apart tricky species, event coverage and much more. New blogs are announced on our social media pages. To see all blogs click on the button below.

Blue Recovery
Olivia Dixon

Rock Pools and Heat Waves

Basked in beautiful Spring, almost Summer, sunshine, Plymouth had its second wonderful Blue Recovery Beach Day recently! Our Blue Recovery community is growing here in

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