Meet our Guides

Dr Ben Holt

I’m a marine biologist and the CEO & Co-founder of The Rock Pool Project.

Rock pooling is my life. I love exploring these unique habitats, discovering the wildlife that lives there and introducing new people to this incredible experience.

Favourite species – Blue Rayed Limpet

Alan Smith

I am the Co-founder and Education Director of The Rock Pool Project, having previously worked in education & travel writing following my degree in marine biology.

The joy of discovering wildlife is one which never fades and I love nothing more than sharing that mystery and magic with others.

Favourite species – a curious child, exploring rock pools

Tiffany Farrant-Clarke

I’m currently studying zoology at the University of Exeter.

You always find new and amazing wildlife when exploring rock pools and I love the idea of being able to show people what amazing marine life you can find on the British coasts.

Favourite species – Cornish Clingfish

Eden Stevens

I am a zoology graduate and a passionate conservationist. I love being by, on or in the sea and am ever fascinated by the wonderful life that our oceans support. 

There is never a dull moment when rock pooling, and I love being caught in that sense of awe. Getting to share my passions, inspire and educate people in such a positive way alongside The Rock Pool Project is a joy!


Favourite species – St Piran’s hermit crab

Vicky Barlow

As a wildlife photographer I love all of our fascinating British wildlife, but especially the amazing creatures in our rock pools! There is always something new and exciting to find on every trip out. 

I am citizen scientist with The Rock Pool Project, and enjoy the challenge of finding new species to add to our surveys. I also love introducing people to this exciting world, right here on our doorstep. 

Favourite species – Orange clubbed sea slug and Spiny starfish

Jessie Dermody

I’m a safari guide based in Falmouth, but i also like to volunteer with the project when i can. I absolutely love showing people all of the amazing wildlife that Falmouth’s shores have to offer!

I’m in my third year of a marine biology degree, but i’ve learnt a lot more rock pooling than I have in my lectures!

Favourite species – Any type of sea slug or nudibranch!! I love them all because they come in so many different colours with such unique defense mechanisms.


Sophie Toon

I’m a recent marine biology graduate from the University of Exeter. I got really interested in rockpooling whilst collecting my dissertation data on the effect of fish farms on rocky shore biodiversity in Scotland. 

Down here in Falmouth we are very lucky to have such an amazing coastline on our doorstep and I love being able to share this with others through TRPP!

Favourite species – St Piran’s hermit crab


Kate Inman

I am currently a marine biology student at the University of Plymouth and an Ocean Giants Programme apprentice alongside my Degree.

I am fascinated by the life that calls our coastline home and I love sharing that passion with other people. We have so many incredible species along the shore that we often miss and nothing matched the excitement of finding a species you’ve been looking for or had no idea was there!

Favourite species – Solar-powered sea slug

Ari Drummond

I’m a perpetually damp and salt-encrusted marine biologist working on my PhD. My research focuses on hermit crabs, but I have a passion for learning about all rock pool invertebrates! Dividing my time between between tinkering in the lab and trekking along the SW Coast’s rocky shores, I pursue answers to questions about how these captivating creatures perceive and interact in their watery world. I love sharing my time to help people learn about and feel more connected with the ocean and its amazing wildlife. Looking forward to meeting you by the seaside!

Favourite species – common European hermit crab 

Zak Russell

I studied oceanography & coastal processes at the University of Plymouth before joining The Rock Pool Project as  the Ecotourism and Education officer.

I love to try and encourage people to have an appreciation and interest in the blue spaces that surround us.


Favourite species – Snakelocks Anemone

Emily Beazley

I am a marine biology student at the University of Plymouth and a jellyfish enthusiast.

I love studying rock pool species as the extreme environments they can survive in are fascinating and right on our doorstep.

Favourite species – Squat Lobster

Jack Renwick

I’m a marine biology and conservation graduate interested in engaging people with the incredible marine life found on our coasts.

 I love rock pooling as it is a brief glimpse into the incredible world of marine life and my time with The Rock Pool Project has enabled me to hone my ability to communicate with people from all walks of life about the vast range of life found on the coast.

Favourite species – Velvet Swimming Crab

Eleanor Goodall

I am a Geography and Ocean Science graduate from the University of Plymouth, now working as a Marine Advisor for Natural England.

I have a real enthusiasm for marine life, and love sharing that with people from all backgrounds – rock pooling is for absolutely everyone! I also have an interest in the positive impact that engaging in ‘blue spaces’ has on mental health and wellbeing.

Favourite species – Spiny Starfish

Allicia Fullarton

I am currently studying Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology at the University of Plymouth.

You never know what the rock pools will bring with every tide and therefore every adventure on the intertidal zone is a unique one and allows you to connect more to nature.

Favourite species – Crab hacker barnacle

Cath Francis

I love being outdoors, particularly in or by the sea. Rock pooling has been a passion for several years and it is always a thrill to see what you’ll find. As a citizen scientist for The Rock Pool Project I have found an extensive amount of biodiversity within the rocky shores of Penzance and am leading the development of a new hub here too. 

Favourite species – Sea slugs and squat lobsters 

Emily Farquharson

I’m currently studying marine biology at the University of Exeter and seized the opportunity to jump on board with the Rock Pool Project.  

I love rock pooling, it has improved my skills in species identification and given me such an insight into the incredible marine wildlife we can find on the British coastline.  


Favourite species – Strawberry anemone


Sally Lewin

I’m currently studying marine biology at the University of Plymouth with a passion for the outdoors and absolutely everything marine!

Rock pooling is always full of surprises as you never know what you’ll find. From bright strawberry anemones to the humble limpet, nothing is ever the same. By getting out on the rocky shore you can see just how unique the rock pools are.   

Favourite species – Porcelain crab

Maddie Quinn

I’m a marine biology student at the University of Plymouth with a great interest in habitats, from coral reefs and rocky shores to kelp forest.

Having rock pooled all my life, it wasn’t until I started my degree that I got to uncover even greater depths of the marine life living within. I’d love for everyone to be able to experience this type of wonder too and hopefully I’ll be able to provide that in the safaris! 

Favourite species – Beadlet anemones and sea lemons (but I love it all!)