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Rockpool Biodiversity

Calling all rockpool enthusiasts!

The Crustacean Biodiversity Survey project was developed in June and July 2020 with participants trialing out different version of a biodiversity survey.  From those initial findings, which you can find here, we have built a survey method that aims to be engaging for you and provide useful and meaningful scientific data. We are initially focusing on Crustaceans so have named it the Crustacean Biodiversity Survey.

The new survey will be both fun and challenging. You will grow and develop your identification skills as you complete more surveys

The project is open to adults – but must be completed in pairs. No previous experience is required. Surveys will cover a wide range of species and you will need your own rock pool wildlife field guide. If you need to buy a field guide, check out book reviews for our suggestions. You will also need a camera to take photos of any animals you find – a mobile phone works well but can be tricky when photographing smaller species such as amphipods.

Going forward the crustacean survey you can conduct a survey on any day of the year. However, we will be organising monthly events where we will be encouraging people to get out and do a crustacean survey on specific days. This we hope will keep people returning to the project regularly and foster a feeling of collective engagement.

You could also benefit from taking a hand lens, a net, and tupperware box or bucket. 

You will develop your ID skills during the project, and we are setting up online drop in sessions as well as more detailed identification workshops around specific taxa to help with this. We have survey sites throughout Cornwall and Devon (see Resources above), and we are more than happy to add additional sites, so you will be able to take part at a beach near you. This includes outside of Cornwall and Devon.

Full instructions can be found here.

Free online training event

We are running free regular online training events as part of this project. Check out our Eventbrite page for details. If you are unable to make it to any of the session please get in contact and we can arrange additional sessions.


6pm Friday –  17th July – Barnacle Identification with Mike Puleston

Links can be found via our eventbrite page


If you would like to sign up or hear more information please register your interest on the adjacent form.

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Wildlife discovery together

Rock pooling is a fun, free and highly educational activity for people of all ages. It’s the perfect way to enjoy our amazing wildlife as a family.

Our rock pool surveys are designed to make this experience even better. Helping you to identify the species you find and providing lasting memory of your activity in the form of a personalised survey report.

We assign households to our different survey sites on a first come first served basis. Check out the map in our resources page and let us know which site or sites you would prefer.

Big Family Rock Pool Sign up

Our Survey Sites:

Maps for individual sites

You can also view the sites interactively using this link. This can be downloaded and opened on your computer using Google Earth or on your phone using apps such as GPX Viewer (we are not responsible for any third party apps).

We are keen to expand our survey sites, including outside the South West: if you would like to survey a site which is not yet included, please let us know! Follow the instructions on this link to show us where you would like the new site to be. If you have any trouble or questions feel free to contact us on

Biodiversity Surveys​

Identification sheets:

Rock Pool Bingo

Download an example bingo card here

Crustacean Biodiversity survey

In detail instructions to help develop a new biodiversity survey