Rock Pool Will's Amazing Online Rock Pool Quiz!

During the current lock down period we have two weekly quizzes; one for adults and one for kids!

Kids quiz:

On Facebook Live every Thursday at 4.30pm there will be a multiple choice quiz aimed at KS1 and KS2 children. 

The final quiz for this will be 23rd April.

Grown ups quiz/Big kids quiz:

Not multiple-choice, you either know the answer or you don’t. Every Monday at 8pm on Facebook live. 

The final quiz for this will be 20th April.

Check out our Facebook page for further information.


Will shall be staying online for 30 minutes afterwards and you can ask questions about the project, what we do or anything rock pool related!

The quizzes will be part of a 4-week period of rounds. At the end of all the weekly rounds, we will add up the scores and the overall winner will win a Rock Pool Project t-shirt of their choice. The runner up will win a voucher for The Rock Pool Project.

The quizzes are free to enter, but donations are welcome, contact us at