Rock Pool Bioblitz Battle


Rock Pool Bioblitz Battle Public Event

Castle Beach, Falmouth, 06/11/2021

On Saturday the 6th November we held our very first Falmouth Bioblitz Battle Event. Teams competed throughout the day to find the most species within 30 minutes. 

Our surveys uncovered hidden creatures across castle beach survey sites, and even recorded some firsts for our three survey sites here. 

In total, our Bioblitzers recorded:

Check out what we found below!

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Images of participants provided courtesy of Matt Wall and Nicole Forrester.


Congratulations to Team Bryher, who recorded an impressive grand total of 34 different species in their survey!

Our favourite finds:

Thank you to everyone who joined us for such a brilliant day! We can’t wait to see you at the next one!

Find out more about the species we found below:

The edible crab

The edible crab (Cancer pagurus) is a common large crab found in small holes and under rocks in most UK rockpools.

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Also known as the common blenny, the shanny is one of the most common and characterful of all rock pool residents. With their downturned smile and discerning gaze, these fierce fish are not to be overlooked!

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Wrack are a family of seaweeds that are found on most UK coasts on both sheltered and exposed rocky shores.

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Atlantic Bobtail Squid

The Atlantic bobtail squid (Sepiola atlantica) is truly a hidden gem of the rocky shore. These camouflage wizards are so easy to overlook that they are usually only spotted when accidentally disturbed, spending much of their time buried in the sand with only their eyes peeking out.

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