Book your very own Expert Rock Pool Safari Guide

Experience a captivating adventure with our guided rock pool safaris – an engaging, enlightening and invigorating day! Immerse yourself in the world class rock pooling sites of Falmouth and Plymouth. Revel in the exclusivity of a private session for your group of up to 8 participants or connect with fellow nature enthusiasts to share this unforgettable journey.

Contact us directly if you wish to inquire about dates currently unavailable. 

Species We Find On Our Safaris

Green Sea Urchin
Often adorned with purple tips, the stunning green spines serve as both a means of protection and mobility
Edible Crab
Known as the pasty crab or pie crab due to the shape of its carapace, this gentle species is remarkably easy to handle
St Piran's Hermit Crab
Recently rediscovered in UK waters, these hermit crabs showcase beautiful red eye stalks and black-tipped claws
Gem Anemone
Often well camouflaged in rock pools, this beautfiul anemone can easily go unnoticed
Star Ascidian
This colonial sea squirt, with floral or star shaped arrangement, can be found encrusting on to solid structures primarily in the lower shore
The comically large lips on this rock pool dweller hide its strong jaws and teeth, used for crushing the tough shells of barnacles
Worm pipefish
Pipefish form lifelong pairs, with mating occurring from May to August, males can often be seen with a clutch of vibrant orange eggs in their pouch during these months
Fun with fluorescence
Nighttime rock pooling unveils a vibrant world, with hunting predators coming out of the shadows and fluorescent creatures revealing stunning colours
Spiny Starfish
Having three rows of spines on each arm, these magnificent sea stars captivate with their beauty and size
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Frequently asked questions:

When are sessions available?

Sessions can be booked all year round, with timing limited by the tides. We recommend visiting to consider times of low tides. The lower the tide the more wildlife we’ll discover in your session.

Where do sessions take place?

We have guides based in the Falmouth area. We are blessed with amazing rock pooling sites throughout Cornish coastline and we regularly travel to locations throughout the region. Additional surcharges are applicable to locations that are over 30 minutes drive from our base location.

What equipment will we need?

Suitable footwear and clothing for the condition, as well as sun screen, etc. Further information can be found in our rock pooling guide. There is no need for guide books or cameras as these will be provided by us, but feel free to bring your own if you would like to.

What can we expect to find?

Rocky shores in the South West are the most diverse in the country. We will find many different species of crustaceans and molluscs, beautiful seaweeds, starfish, fish and much much more.

Can I purchase a session as a gift?

Yes you can! Please visit our vouchers page for further information.

What if we need to cancel our booking?

Bookings can be cancelled with a full refund up to seven days prior to the event. Please see our Event cancelation policy for further details. Should we need to cancel the event for any reason you will receive a full refund.