RPP intern: Katie Waddington

Katie Waddington is a wildlife photographer that will be capturing the fascinating species she can find in rock pools around Cornwall using the amazing 'Meet Your Neighbours' style. Find out more about her and this exciting project!
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About me:

My name is Katie Waddington, I’m a French/English wildlife photographer studying Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University. Specialising in macro and micro photography, I was shortlisted for the Close-Up Photographer of The Year under the microscopy category and commended for my shot of seaweed in the Exeter Marine Photo Competition.

My interest in wildlife:

II have always been fascinated with the wildlife that can be found on our doorstep. Ever since I was a child, I would go out into my garden and chase after butterflies, bees, anything that intrigued me. It wasn’t until I was older that I was allowed to use my mum’s camera and I have never stopped photographing since.

Past experience:

Raising awareness of the wonderful animals, big or small, that surround us is one of my priorities. Over the summer of 2019 I spent most of my time in the meadow next to my house. I would be sitting and watching the insects there for hours at a time. I decided to photograph in a specific style, the Meet Your Neighbours style. This technique means you do not disturb the wildlife because instead of taking the insect to a studio you bring the studio to the insect.

What I’m up to at the moment:

At University I spend a lot of my time putting different subjects under the microscopes. My most recent work showcased the importance of UK Honey bees and the threats they face on a daily basis. I find that when I look at things up close I have a new appreciation for them, as most insects have intricate patterns on them the are invisible to the naked eye.

My Rock Pool Project internship

I have now set myself a new challenge:  to photograph as much of the wildlife I can find in the rock pools near me. I’ll be keeping to the Meet Your Neighbours style as this will allow the species I photograph to be the centre of attention. I will be doing this over a long period of time as my biggest struggles will  be balancing my coursework and waiting for a day where there isn’t much rain (which is hard in Cornwall).

I am looking forward to keeping you all updated with my progress!


Check out some of Katie’s work below, including a ‘Meet Your Neighbours style’ image of a butterfly. You can see lots more of Katie’s work on her Instagram account here.