Rock Pool Project School Beach Event. Children and families huddle around the tent to see the mobile rock pool. in the background pendennis castle can be see stretching out to sea.
We are passionate about bringing the joy and wonder of rock pools to children of all ages. We provide expert-led beach trips, school visits with our innovative mobile rock pool and can bring the magic of rock pool wildlife to any school in the world with our top rated ‘Virtual Rock Pool’ sessions.
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The beaches in the South West are the ideal outdoor learning environment and our expert guided activities provide hands-on educational fun for children of all ages. Our experienced staff have taught hundreds of children about marine wildlife and conservation. With a huge selection of suitable locations in Cornwall and Devon, we can arrange trips at a site convenient for your organisation. 

A young boy crouched down in the seaweed near St Michaels Mount

The Mobile Rock Pool is a unique activity provided by the Rock Pool Project that brings coastal wildlife to your school! We can deliver  up to four sessions in a day for KS1 and KS2 classes. Children help explore the mobile rock pool to discover and intereactive with wildlife collected a local beaches. We complement this activity with key stage specific wildlife art classes. All these activities can be linked to key aspects of the curriculum such as classification and habitats.

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Children choose where to explore!

You don’t need to head to the beach to experience the excitement of discovering marine wildlife! Here at The Rock Pool Project, we passionately believe enjoying and learning about nature is as important now as ever.

We are delighted to offer highly interactive, live online rock pooling sessions to schools across the world.

Live footage

Check out the wildlife discovered by children at out recent events:

"Rock Pools are the best classrooms in the world!"
Alan Smith
Education Director & Co-founder of The Rock Pool Project