We regularly provide interactive educational field trips for groups of children from schools, home learning groups, scouts & guides and youth groups.

Cornwall’s beaches are the ideal outdoor learning environment and our expert guided activities provide hands-on educational fun for children of all ages. Our experienced staff have taught hundreds of children about marine wildlife and conservation. With a huge selection of suitable locations in Cornwall and Devon, we can arrange trips at a site convenient for your organisation.


Marine biology adventures

We cater for groups of up to 30 children. During these events children conduct fun surveys, photographing the species they find using one of our waterproof cameras. These images provide a record that will be checked by our experts and submitted to the National Biodiversity Network. A report of the day’s activity, including the images and details of your finds, will be emailed following the event.


Our flexible pricing allows us to provide activities to suit your group. School group activities are typically for an entire school day, whereas youth groups often book two-hour sessions. Additional charges may apply for events in ‘out of area’ locations, cover cover transport costs. Contact us for further details.

Session time

Half day (2 hours)

Full day (4 hours)

Price per child



Minimum charge