As part of our Blue Recovery project we are sharing all our collected data and analytical code. Please feel free to download and perform your own analysis. And please let us know how you get on.

Last updated 14th June 2023 – currently with data from the LEO lab in Plymouth: elemental data on Falmouth water samples. We want to see:

  1. How water samples vary generally.
  2. If there is good consistency between water samples collect from the same rock pools.
  3. If any elements are associated with distance from sewage outlets.
  4. If phosphorus (and by extension phosphate) might be useful for further water testing work.


Click here for the repo.

Data from true crab and wrack biodiversity surveys conducted during June survey period 2023. We want to see:

  1. General patterns in variation for these species assemblages.
  2. If species diversity and/or species compostion varies with distance from sewage outlets.
  3. How species assemblages vary between our Falmouth and Plymouth sites,
  4. Where data allows, is there good consistency between surveys conducted at the same sites.

Click here for the repo.

The repo contains analysis produced by our CEO Dr Ben Holt, which is also presented here.