On the day

We offer two very different, but equally exciting, days. Please see the details below to find our which best suits your school;

Seashore Safari

From just £325 for a full day

We can tailor our Seashore Safari beach events to suit the needs of your school with flexible locations and itineraries. The key aspect of our Seashore Safaris are our guided rock pooling sessions, during which children work in teams to learn about, search for and photograph their marine wildlife discoveries.

These images and records are then uploaded to our database, as well as to the National Biodiversity Network, meaning that your school and students will be actively participating in meaningful citizen science!

Following your Seashore Safari, we will email your school a set of personalised, digital rock pooling reports that include photos of all the wildlife that the children discovered, along with names and statistics; gold-dust for cross-curricular follow up learning activities!

How much does the Seashore Safari day cost?

From just £325 for a full day, depending on where you are based and how many students you will bring.

What would a typical itinerary for a Seashore Safari day look like?

  • Introduction and health & safety
  • Strand line scavenger safari in groups, including plastic pollution awareness and mini-beach clean
  • Rock pool wildlife safari surveys on the shore
  • Lunch break
  • Mobile rock pool marine talk higher up on the beach
  • Reconvene and reflections on the day

Where can they take place?

We are based in Cornwall & Devon but will travel UK-wide, for a surcharge.

When can they take place?

Seashore Safaris are best when a low tide falls within the school day. More wildlife and rock pools can be found then. Please simply contact us to discuss dates which work for you.

Mobile Rock Pool

From just £395 for a full day

Thanks to our innovative and enchanting Mobile Rock Pool, we can bring the wonder and mysteries of rock pool wildlife to your school. We will deliver interactive, educational sessions, tailored to each year group, which are designed to be thrilling and also support the English National Curriculum.

We will tailor the day for your school, ensuring all children experience a mobile rock pool session, plus an additional interactive activity such as marine wildlife scientific drawing. We are able to set up the mobile rock pool indoors or outside.

MRP PRW 14 1300 x 1300

How much does a mobile rock pool day cost?

From £395 per day for a full day, depending on where you are based and the activities you would like. Please contact us now to discuss how we can help your school.

How is this broken down?

Two staff members on the day (one expert and one assistant), as well as the safe collection and return of the marine wildlife.

Where can the mobile rock pool be set up?

We can set the mobile rock pool up anywhere we have space – a school hall, foyer or classroom. We also have a gazebo (to shade wildlife and students from the weather!) so can set up outdoors if preferred. 

How far will you travel?

We designed the mobile rock pool to be portable, so providing we can ensure the safety of our wildlife – we will consider all locations, with a surcharge for travelling.


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